Technical support for home offices

Remote technical services for small businesses and home offices — We can help maximize productivity while working from home, secure any computers and mobile devices, and provide the IT support you need.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses and employees are having to operate in new and unfamiliar ways. At Evolving Office all of our employees have operated from their home offices for over a decade. We specialize in remote technical service for small and medium businesses. We can help you implement the systems and software you will need to stay productive during this time. We can also help secure, monitor and provide remote technical support for any personal or work computers and mobile devices. Here are some of our services:

Business Systems and Workflow Tools

Keep in touch with your team and keep projects and tasks organized.

  • Selection assistance and implementation of business workflow tools.
  • Access your work computers remotely.
  • Project organization, Task management, and System Documentation.
  • Information systems design: Sales tracking, order tracking, customer management, document management tools, process architecture.

Computer and Network Security

Keep the computers you and your team are using safe, secure and supported.

  • Implement managed anti-virus, anti-malware, hardware, security monitoring, and update services, analyzing potential threats and continually protecting your computers.
  • Remote computing tools to maintain access to the tools and files you need.
  • Remote access and remote tech support for any PC issue that does not require physical access.

IT Support

The support you need to get everything you need working smoothly and efficiently at your home office and keep it that way.

We offer remote assistance for the following issues:

  • Computer and network set up and configuration.
  • Printer and scanner set up and configuration.
  • Technical support and troubleshooting.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Protect your data from loss due to hardware failure, disaster or malware.

  • Data and System Backup Solutions for computers and mobile devices.
  • A backup system tailored to your needs, which prioritizes your most critical data, minimizing recurring costs.
  • Testing and Documentation of a detailed disaster recovery plan so in the event of a disaster you know exactly what to do to get back on your feet, even if you don’t utilize our services anymore.


Evolving Office can provide flexible service and payment options to fit the needs of any business. Please contact us at, 207-808-0462, or using the contact form below if you would like to know more. Our business hours are 9am – 5pm EST.

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