EO Tracker Form Helper

EO Tracker Form Helper is a WordPress plugin that is used to show visitor history within submitted web forms. This can help you focus on sales or support items that matter the most to your customer.

The EO Tracker Form Helper from EvolvingOffice.com allows you to track which pages your customers have visited before they submitted a web form. NOTE that this does NOT send you tracking data for all users. It only exposes the page visits of a visitor that fills out a form on your website.


  • Download the plugin here:¬†eo_tracker
  • Unzip the eo_tracker.zip file and put it’s contents in your WordPress plugins directory
  • Put the following three short codes into hidden elements within your form:


IMPORTANT NOTE! If you place these variables within normal web text instead of  hidden form fields it will show the visitor history to your visitors! This is not advised!

Once installed, each code will provide some data about your visitor from directly within the submitted form results.

[EO-Tracker-Original-Refer] shows the original referrer url(s). These are not always available. If available it can help you determine how the visitor found your site, such as a Google search, a forum link or a link from another website. If the user leaves your site and then comes back it may show multiple pages in this field.

[EO-Tracker-Pages-Visited] shows the complete list of pages on your website that the visitor traversed, in chronological order. This can be very useful when calling leads from a contact form. This analytics data tells you what the user was interested in before you call them back. This may help increase your sales. For example, let’s say you sell services of some sort and you offer a money back guarantee. If upon looking at the page visit history you find that one particular lead went to your Money Back Guarantee Policy several times before submitting the form, you can be certain that is a very important issue to this customer. When you follow up on the form lead via phone or email you can highlight the guarantee before the customer even brings it up.

[EO-Tracker-Current-Page] shows the actual page the user was on when they submitted the web form. Have you ever received a lead that say “I want this service right now!” but doesn’t indicate from which of your service pages the form was submitted? This short code will solve that problem as you will always know where they were when they submitted a form.

Using all three short codes will let you know the following about every new customer:

Original Referring URL
Complete list of pages visited
Final page user was on when they submitted your contact form

NOTE: This plugin was designed to work with HTML forms only. It has not been tested within WordPress form plugins, and may require some special programming to make it work.