Campaign Mangement

 Evolving Office can help your team start web campaigns to aid in selling your products online more effectively.  Even small campaigns can be largely profitable, especially when focused on Return on Investment (ROI). 


We help manage your campaigns using the following services:

·  Google AdWords / Analytics Management —This is a great tool for growing your ROI.

·  Microsoft Bing —Staying up-to-date on this service’s ever-changing advertising features is important and beneficial.

·  Yahoo — Helping to maintain a profitable campaign while this service integrates with Microsoft. 

·  Chitika — This is quite possibly the best kept secret in advertising… and we can help you get the most out of it. 


We have successfully worked on campaigns for the following companies or types of projects:

·  Car Dealerships

·  Gaming Computers

·  Custom Decorative Jewelry

·  Wealth Management

·  Unique Products

·  Affiliate Marketing


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