Our services help small businesses alleviate technological hurdles with cloud based automation and customized business solutions.

Today’s businesses need one thing over and above all others: the ability to get a good Return On their Investment. Evolving Office helps increase ROI with a full range of products and services that are designed to increase your productivity while decreasing costs.

Part-Time IT Director for Hire

Small companies and startups have a lot of challenges. How do you keep your customers, your data and your business safe from security risks, viruses, data loss and more? Learn More…

ERP & CRM Selection & Implementation

Choosing the software and resources to run your business is a challenging task. The decisions have long lasting effects that can either boost ROI, or run high in costs. We’ve defined a way to help manage the ERP/CRM selection and implementation process from beginning to end. Learn More… (pdf)

Google AdWords Management

Our campaign management programs have one goal: increasing ROI. For many businesses this means bringing in more money, but for others, it simply means exposure. We can design a strategy that best fits your business’s needs and goals. Learn More…

Merchant Services

You’d like to offer credit card services to your customers, but you’re worried about all those fees…Let us show you how to provide more value to your customers while protecting yourself against high transaction fees with our merchant service offerings. Learn More… (pdf)

Telecom Cost Reduction

We can provide custom VoIP and mobile solutions with much lower rates than traditional telephone packages.

IT Researcher for Hire

Whether you have existing Computer & Networking equipment that needs updating or you are looking to expand your IT Infrastructure for the first time, we can do the research for you.
Learn More…