IT Director for Hire

Evolving Office provides part-time IT Director services for your organization. We learn your company’s IT needs, define strategy, planning, policies and implementation for your computer systems and Information Technology projects. We do all of this while remaining within a reasonable budget. Our target customers are small but growing organizations who want to strengthen their Information Technology department but are not large enough to require a full time IT Director.

Common Issues and Questions

We help educate management so they can mitigate risks relating to security issues, aging hardware, illegal software and more. Are you absolutely sure your company is PCI Compliant? Is your network secure? How easy is it to hack your wireless network? Are you losing productivity due to inefficient office computers and networking? Does every computer on your network have proper Antivirus and AntiMalware protection? Do you have a backup for all important information, including accounting, documents, images, videos and more? Do you have a disaster recovery plan written on how to restore from a backup? These are just some of the questions we can help you answer.

List of Services

  • Networking setup and purchase assistance
  • Network cabling & rack installation
  • VOIP implementation
  • Managed Antivirus, AntiMalware, and System Health Monitoring
  • Remote Management
  • Backup Solution implementation for computers and mobile devices
  • Disaster Recovery documentation & testing
  • Quickbooks, Accounting and Bookkeeping services

You May Need Our Services if…

  • You do not know if your network is secure
  • You use a wireless network for most workstations including desktops
  • Your computers are running slowly enough to impact productivity
  • The Internet is running slowly enough to impact productivity
  • You do not know if all of your computers have proper AntiVirus and AntiMalware or when they were last updated
  • You do not have a backup procedure for every business computer and mobile device
  • You have not verified your backup solution is adequate by restoring and testing all backups
  • You have large QuickBooks files, unanswered questions or QuickBooks data that is several years old

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Questions? Please call 800-250-6524 during business hours for more information (9 AM – 5 PM EST) or fill out the form below.

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