Adding a tab to a facebook page.

Ever get stuck trying to add a tab to a facebook page?

Make sure you do the following:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to facebook as your username and not a page.
  2. Have you already created your page? If not, do so here: … remember a page is a unique destination that can link to multiple facebook tabs & apps as well as iframes to your existing website.
  3. You can manage your pages after you have edited them by clicking on their unique page url and clicking Manage > Edit Page: or simply going to
  4. Next you must create your tab… also called an APP. Do that here:
  5. Next, go to the section called Select how your app integrates with Facebook and make sure you check both the App on Facebook section and the Page Tab section.
  6. Once you have created your Tab or App, you can tell facebook to link the tab to your app by constructing a url like this: (Note this data is on the facebook pagetabs page.
  7. Note that to do add your url properly in the YOUR_URL spot above, you will need to encode it for the web. Here is a good resource to encode a url. Remember to ENCODE, not decode.
  8. When you format this link properly it will bring up the following Add to Page dialogue:
  9. This last step should let you link your tab to whatever pages you have access to. If it doesn’t seem to work check #5 above.

Great… you should be done now.

For your reference, facebook links within this post are: