Evolving Office develops and implements technology to help small businesses operate more efficiently and increase ROI.

At Evolving Office, we use business technology to save you time and money. After carefully exploring how your business works, we  apply technology and experience to minimize wasted resources and inefficiencies. Our mission is to help mobile professionals and small to medium sized businesses (SMB) avoid common technological pitfalls.

Medium to Large Companies
We help larger companies implement ERP software that can increase the overall efficiency of their entire organization. We offer a cost effective service to determine your ERP needs. This helps reduce the time and expense of researching and acquiring a new or replacement ERP. Let us also show you how to reduce the cost of landline and mobile phones by as much as 30%.

Small Businesses
We provide consulting for smaller businesses as well. We help you wisely choose hardware and software, VOIP solutions, mobile phones as well as office security policies. We also show businesses how to get started with Google Adwords and Adsense, Toll Free Vanity Numbers, Virtual Offices and Telecommuting Equipment. We are the “IT Director on Retainer” that does not drain your budget.

Business Traveler
With the ever increasing cost of travel we have expanded our help for mobile professionals. By researching products and technology we can help the frequent business traveler avoid solutions that are insecure, a waste of money or simply ineffective.

A quick free phone call will help us to determine if we are the right company to help you grow. Please call 800-250-6524 during Eastern Time Zone business hours for more information (8AM – 6PM EST).