Part-time Assembly Technician

Thank You for your interest in this position. We are hiring multiple people in multiple locations. This is a great job for people to work together (friends, couples). Each applicant should fill out the form individually. If you would like to review the position details please click here.


Application for part-time Assembly Technician

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Position Details

What you will need to provide:

  • One or more impact screw guns, two or more batteries & one charger – 18v preferred
  • Full set of sockets is required, must be deep well: 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 3/4. These are the most commonly used sizes. Other sizes will be used less often. Gator grip socket is useful
  • Full set of metric sockets are required. 10mm & 13mm is the most commonly used.
  • Drivers for sockets 1/4 or 3/4 pending on socket sizes
  • Socket extension (needed mainly for wheelbarrow assembly)
  • Set of wrenches is required. Gear wrenches are useful as well. Most commonly used sizes are the same as the required sockets.
  • Hand tools, box cutter, Replacement blades, Screwdriver (flat & Phillips), vice grips, channel-locks, pliers, tin snips etc.  #2 and #3 Phillips bits on separate extensions (long extension for #2 strongly recommended)
  • A flexible socket extension (Ryobi makes a great one that looks like conduit)
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Clipboard  (with inside pocket)
  • Tool bag/box/tote
  • Pen and sharpie marker
  • Note pad
  • Folding 6ft plastic table
  • E-Z up tent (Optional but well worth it!)


  • Commission based-piece pay
    • Pay usually ranges from $10 to $20 per hour – the more you build, the more you make!


  • Valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle of your own
  • Customer Service skills
  • Pass a drug screening and background check
  • Be honest and reliable

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